In a industry in which site selection ("location, location, location") and operational considerations have usually dominated, marketing has often been given lip service at best. Yet, today, with a wide variety of store types--from island marketers to superstores and convenience center--fundamental marketing planning and analysis have never been more important.

Store program development (planning your store from the inside out, rather than filling a pre-determined box) is the most essential component of marketing and competitive positioning. Program development involves the preliminary synthesis and planning of labor, hours of operation, merchandising, layout, equipment, fast foods, gasoline equipment and pay systems, plus pricing, margin and volume strategies.

Whether you are planning a single store or repositioning an entire chain, marketing decisions should relate to the search for a niche. A store's uniqueness is based on how it is perceived by its customers and that perception is the day-to-day reality of your operation. Your "share of mind" may be more important than your share of market. Understanding and, if necessary, modifying consumer perceptions must be based on research, marketing, and program development. We can help you design and execute simple, self-administered, actionable surveys.


Too often, particularly with gasoline-companies, merchandising decisions are based on vendor recommendations of controlled by shrink concerns, margin guidelines and inventory limitations. But individual store merchandising should reflect the market served by the store, the competitive environment, and the needs of your customer base.

While average margin is, of course, critical to profitability, individual product and category margins must be measured against turnover and inventory cost. More significant, product mix (and merchandising by location in the store) creates the vitality to encourage desired customer traffic patterns.

The two major changes in convenience stores in the past decade are gasoline retailing and fast food programs; however, placing a pump on the corner of your site and putting coffee and fountain drink machines in the corner of your store are hardly imaginative commitments to these trends.

Merchandising decisions should be the process which analyzes risks, opportunities, competition and operational considerations. And, most important, your store's merchandising program cannot remain static. It must become a movable feast--changeable, opportunistic and subject to frequent review.

Marketing Services
  • Strategies, Objectives & Plans
  • Area & Site Evaluation
  • Store Programs Development
  • Volume/Margin Analysis
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Research Design & Analysis
Merchandising Services
  • Strategies, Objectives & Plans
  • Product Mix/Blend Evaluation
  • Planograms
  • Merchandised Layouts
  • Vendor Analysis & Liaison
  • Movement/Velocity Analysis
  • Setting up & Re-setting Stores
  • Sales Development
  • Holiday Promotions

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