Foodservice in convenience stores runs the gamut from a single coffee burner to restaurant areas with upwards of forty seats. Inevitably, when a customer enters a convenience store, they either gain or lose their appetite.

Available in today's fast food market is the ability for convenience store operators to incorporate both a national or regional branded fast food restaurant into both existing or ground/up facilities. We offer our clients a selection of over forty fast food companies that currently offer co/branding programs. In addition, we also offer proprietary fast food programs that compliment the breakfast, lunch, and dinner mealtimes.


C-STORE DESIGN works with clients, and their agencies, to create goal-oriented advertising/promotion plans. From a strategic viewpoint, we assist in establishing overall objectives and developing systems and techniques for program evaluation. Then we help plan promotion calendars and related continuity or tie-in events.

Most convenience stores give away balloons at their grand openings, while selling warm soda at a low case price. Then, except for an occasional coffee club program or a giant-sized post mix drink at a discount price, they return to business as usual--the same vendor deals as anyone else in town, at prices only slightly higher than supermarkets.

Here are three rules to consider. When you advertise, don't spend money to say things others can say. When you promote "go togethers" always try to make one of the items a "value added" product produced in your store. When you sell gasoline, feature the promotion both at the pumps and at the cash register.

Foodservice Development Services
  • Develop Co/Branding Partners
  • Develop Proprietary Food Programs
  • Personnel Training
  • Concept Planning
  • Volume/Margin, Projections & Analysis
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Menu Development & Pricing
  • Physical Fast Food Inventory
  • Fast Food Accounting Systems

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